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FreedomOpening a franchise business, in the United States or any other location, needs some research. If you are looking to buy franchises for sale in USA, you are probably going through a lot of research work like comparing the brands, judging their expected revenue potentials, enquiring about start-up costs and other investment requirements, noting down contact numbers for franchise brands in USA, and more. Precisely, this is where we can help. Won't it be great to find all franchise business opportunities in USA in one place? We at Starting Franchise USA try to do exactly that: we do the franchise market research on your behalf, to make your life easier, and help you compare available opportunities and make informed decisions. Not only we have a comprehensive list of franchise business opportunities in America; we have also categorized them according to industry, investment amounts, and area requirements, to narrow down you search. Browse through a wide array of available franchise businesses in America, ranging from food and beverage (QSR) and cafeterias to retail convenience stores, health and fitness clubs, preschools, and service industry franchises. Browse franchise opportunities by minimum investments, or area requirements, as you please. See the investment details for various franchises in USA: start-up cost, royalty, franchise fee, expected ROI, and more. If you are a veteran, we have all the veteran-friendly franchise businesses in the United States listed on a single page for your convenience. Read expert articles on franchising. Browse through a wide catalogue of franchise books. Compare franchise businesses, and make wise investments. Happy franchising!

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Starting Funtopia franchise in USA: Investments, requirements, application process, contact details

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Funtopia franchise USAStarting Funtopia in the USA, is an innovative entertainment franchise opportunity where you can earn money by making people happy. It has about 10 established locations in four continents across the globe with venues in the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Israel, Malaysia and Australia. To know about Funtopia franchise investments, requirements, how to apply, expected ROI and other details, keep reading!

Starting a Servpro Franchise: Costs, fees, area requirements in USA

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Logo of Servpro, franchise based cleaning companyWant to open a Servpro franchise? Costs will be high no doubt; but if you do love cleaning up things and can afford the start-up costs for Servpro franchise, it should be a good bet. From the Entrepreneur to the Wall Street Journal, Servpro has been recognized time and again as one of the best franchise business opportunities in the United States. A professional cleaning company that helps people clean up messes from natural and personal hazards, Servpro has nearly 1700 units in the United States, and is looking for more franchise partners. Learn more about Servpro franchise investments and area requirements, details of start-up costs like Servpro franchise fee and royalty, application process, contact details, and so on. Keep reading!

Open Mosquito Joe: Low-investment high-return service industry franchise in USA

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Logo of Mosquito Joe, franchise service business in USALooking for a good service industry franchise in the United States? You may consider opening a Mosquito Joe franchise. In USA, the service sector is growing fast and preferring it to common franchise industries like QSR or retail may be rewarding. Learn how to start a Mosquito Joe franchise in USA, investments and area requirements, start-up cost for Mosquito Joe franchise, revenue potentials, application process, franchisee contact number and so on. Keep reading!
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