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FreedomOpening a franchise business, in the United States or any other location, needs some research. If you are looking to buy franchises for sale in USA, you are probably going through a lot of research work like comparing the brands, judging their expected revenue potentials, enquiring about start-up costs and other investment requirements, noting down contact numbers for franchise brands in USA, and more. Precisely, this is where we can help. Won't it be great to find all franchise business opportunities in USA in one place? We at Starting Franchise USA try to do exactly that: we do the franchise market research on your behalf, to make your life easier, and help you compare available opportunities and make informed decisions. Not only we have a comprehensive list of franchise business opportunities in America; we have also categorized them according to industry, investment amounts, and area requirements, to narrow down you search. Browse through a wide array of available franchise businesses in America, ranging from food and beverage (QSR) and cafeterias to retail convenience stores, health and fitness clubs, preschools, and service industry franchises. Browse franchise opportunities by minimum investments, or area requirements, as you please. See the investment details for various franchises in USA: start-up cost, royalty, franchise fee, expected ROI, and more. If you are a veteran, we have all the veteran-friendly franchise businesses in the United States listed on a single page for your convenience. Read expert articles on franchising. Browse through a wide catalogue of franchise books. Compare franchise businesses, and make wise investments. Happy franchising!

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Starting Grabbagreen franchise in USA: Cost, investments, application process

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Grabbagreen franchiseGrabbagreen is an Arizona based growing food-beverage franchise chain was founded in 2013 by the industry outsiders Keely Newman and Kelley Bird. While most moms open the refrigerator to find something healthy for the kids, the stay-at-home moms opened health-focused fast casual restaurant chains in the USA. Grabbagreen opened three stores in less than two years. It started to franchise nationwide from 2015 onwards and now it has about 26 locations in 12 states and 4 more stores will open before the end of 2017 and they say at least 20 more stores will be opened by 2018. Learn more about Grabbagreen franchise cost or investments, area requirements, application procedure and other details.

Firehouse Subs franchise in USA: Investment costs, requirements, application process

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Firehouse Subs franchiseAre you looking for a best Subs Sandwich franchise opportunity in the USA? Firehouse Subs is a notable leader in the fast-casual sandwich industry. With strong brand identity, it ranks No.1 among fast casual brands in the restaurant category in America. Firehouse Subs franchise locations are in Canada, Mexico apart from the U.S. Locations. Further reading might help you to know about the investments and other details.

Starting Taco Bueno franchise in USA: Investment costs, requirements, application process

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Taco Bueno USA franchiseFranchising Taco Bueno is an exciting opportunity in USA as it is America's fastest growing Mexican QSR franchise which serves authentic Mexican food. Let us see here in detail about this Tex-Mex chain restaurant Taco Bueno in USA, franchise cost, requirements, how to apply for a franchise, contact details and more.

Papa John's Franchise in USA: Starting costs, requirements & ROI

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Papa Johns Pizza Franchise LogoWant to join one of America's fast growing restaurant franchise chains with relatively low investments? Consider Papa John's Pizza, the #1 pizzeria in customer satisfaction as per ACSI 2012. Read on to know how to open a Papa John's franchise in USA, requirements, costs, return on investments for Papa John's, franchise fees, application process and all other details.

Quiznos Franchise Investments in USA: Start-up costs, area requirements, how to apply

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Logo of Quiznos, franchise based fast food restaurant chainWant to open a Quiznos franchise? In the United States, Quiznos has been doing business for over 30 years and has earned good reputation in the American QSR industry. Learn how to open a Quiznos franchise restaurant in America, area requirements, Quiznos franchise start-up costs, investment details, application process for Quiznos franchise and so on. Keep reading!
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