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Starting Supercuts Franchise: Costs, returns, ROI in USA

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Supercuts Haircut Salon Franchise LogoSince 1975, Supercuts has been a balanced alternative for high end salons and local barber shops. Learn how to start a Supercuts franchise salon in the United States or Canada, requirements, and costs of Supercuts franchise, returns on investments, franchise fees, application process and other details you might be interested in.

Why prefer a haircut salon to other franchise options in US?

There are lots of buzzing and profitable industries out there, including Food & Beverage, Education, Retail and so on. Why then should you invest your hard earned money in the hair care and salon business? The beauty & hair-care salon franchise industry does not draw on a perishable inventory, neither its public demands decreases. Cutting one's hair is an absolute necessity, in any socioeconomic and geographical climate. Having a groomed hair makes one feel better and more confident. And this cannot be done by unskilled labor; unless there are robot-barbers in future, people will always keep coming to professional hair cutting salons, thus making it a stable, less volatile industry.

Why opening a Supercuts franchise is a good US franchise business plan?

Ever since the inception of the first Supercuts store in the United States by Frank Emmett and Geoffrey Rappaport in Albany, California, it has continued to grow as a handy alternative to both high-end salons and neighborhood barbershops. The franchising started in 1979, and soon spread throughout US and Canada. Presently, it is ranked as the number 1 haircut salon franchise in the United States. Also, the Entrepreneur Magazine's 2012 rated it as one of the top 14 US franchises. Don't you want to be a part of it?

Supercuts Franchise in US: Cost, investment returns, franchise fees

The total cost of opening a Supercuts franchise in US will be between $103,550 and $196,500. At present, Supercuts franchise fee is $27,500, along with a royalty of 6% of net sales. On a gross scale we can say that you will need 2 million dollars to open a Supercuts franchise salon in the United States or Canada. Nevertheless, there are certain financial requirements as well. In order to open a Supercuts salon in the United States or Canada, you need to have a net worth of $500 K US dollars, and a liquid cash reservoir of $150,000.

It is seen that most franchisees of Supercuts own multiple units. You need to run 6 to 8 employees to start a Supertcuts franchise salon. In US or Canada, absentee ownership is permitted.

Supercuts Franchise US training & support options

Supercuts franchisee unit holders are provided with a professional from every department for thorough training and support. The support programs of Supercuts franchise in US include Development and Compliance, Real Estate, Construction, Education, Retail Beauty Product Sales, Marketing, Finance as well as Franchise Business Operations.

How to open a Supercut franchise in US: Steps of application process

The application process for a Supercuts salon franchise is as simple as filling out a form. Simply visit and fill out the form. Upon receiving and considering your application, Supercuts franchise authorities will take the next steps to contact you.
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