Starting Grabbagreen franchise in USA: Cost, investments, application process

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Grabbagreen franchiseGrabbagreen is an Arizona based growing food-beverage franchise chain was founded in 2013 by the industry outsiders Keely Newman and Kelley Bird. While most moms open the refrigerator to find something healthy for the kids, the stay-at-home moms opened health-focused fast casual restaurant chains in the USA. Grabbagreen opened three stores in less than two years. It started to franchise nationwide from 2015 onwards and now it has about 26 locations in 12 states and 4 more stores will open before the end of 2017 and they say at least 20 more stores will be opened by 2018. Learn more about Grabbagreen franchise cost or investments, area requirements, application procedure and other details.


Is starting a Grabbagreen franchise in USA is a profitable franchise opportunity?

Grabbagreen is aiming for widespread rapid growth, so they really support their franchisees and the team has the right mix of industry veterans, fresh new faces with fresh new ideas who create something people really want for their on-the-go lifestyles - healthy food that tastes good. The menu of Grabbagreen is gluten free, preservative free, GMO-free and filled with whole foods. The popular 'Grab your own' option at Grabbagreen allows the guest to build their own bowl as per their dietary needs. The menu has a mix of grains and green based bowls, handcrafted smoothies, fresh pressed juice, Acai bowls and the ingredients on the menu are 70 percent organic. High-quality healthy food at affordable prices which is made at the time it is ordered, which all makes everyone to fall in love with Grabbagreen, and in turn keeps customers coming back.

The Grabbagreen franchise is rapidly growing and will continue to expand in 2018 and beyond and for that, it needs YOU! Grabbagreen encourages those with an entrepreneurial spirit to join. Healthy food drives the future and no doubt starting a Grabbagreen store is a profitable franchise opportunity in USA. So do you want to be the next franchise of Grabbagreen?

Grabbagreen franchise investments, requirements, expected profit

The initial investment to start Grabbagreen franchise is approximately between $282,688 and $412,518 based on the size and location of the site. The franchise fee is $30,000 for your first store and $20,000 for additional stores. The royalty fee is 6% of gross sales and marketing fee is 1% of the gross sales. The ROI for Grabbagreen depends on the location, lease agreement, and other factors.


Available Grabbagreen franchise territories in the United States

Here is the list of available territories to franchise Grabbagreen are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

How to apply for a Grabbagreen franchise in the United States and contact details

To apply for a Grabbagreen franchise, fill out the quick form on their official website and upon submitting you will receive a franchise welcome mail with guidance to set up a username and password. While logging in you will be asked to fill out online Grabbagreen franchise application form. If you are considered as a potential franchisee you will get a call from the franchise team which is followed by FDD, signing of the franchise agreement which all makes your journey to open your own Grabbagreen.


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