Starting Funtopia franchise in USA: Investments, requirements, application process, contact details

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Funtopia franchise USAStarting Funtopia in the USA, is an innovative entertainment franchise opportunity where you can earn money by making people happy. It has about 10 established locations in four continents across the globe with venues in the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Israel, Malaysia and Australia. To know about Funtopia franchise investments, requirements, how to apply, expected ROI and other details, keep reading!


Why to open a Funtopia franchise in USA?

Funtopia is a family entertainment center was founded in 2013 where the main concept has been developed by Safety Operations in partnership with Walltopia. Started to franchise in 2015 and in a short span, Funtopia is conquering the entertainment industry by spreading this unique amusement franchise around the globe.

By starting Funtopia, you can provide your visitors an active entertainment combining sports with fun with a mix of adventure attractions where they can climb, jump, slide, crawl, fly with challenges designed to be interactive for visitors between the ages of 5 to 55.

The entertainment & leisure franchise, Funtopia is a great venue for birthday parties, team building sessions, family visits, school visits, summer camps, corporate events where your visitors have fun with family, friends, colleagues etc thereby giving you multiple revenue streams that generate profits. Further, it has set a challenge to reach 100 Funtopia venues worldwide within the next 5 years. So if you have a passion for people and are looking for a healthy investment, Funtopia is a unique business opportunity with a strong cash flow. Love the concept? Here what's next.

Investments for Funtopia franchise in USA: Start-up cost, requirements, expected ROI

The investment for Funtopia franchise varies between $494,275 to $1,866,000 which depends on variable factors such as the space area, height, attraction mix etc. The franchise fee is $35,000 and also carries a royalty fee of 6% and marketing fee of 1% of the gross monthly revenue from the Funtopia venue. The franchise term is for 10 years which can be extended further.

The venue for Funtopia can be of various sizes and shapes with a range starting from 4500 square feet up to 20,000 square feet. That is, the venue should at least hold between 30 to 400 people at a time and the minimum height should be 21 feet. The venues which are more than 6500 square can include other adventurous attractions like ropes courses, roll gliders, soft play areas and other adventure events. The expected profit or ROI for Funtopia varies from 32% to 43% in 12 months.

The ideal location to start Funtopia center is an area with high on-foot traffic, preferably in a sports venue, leisure park, within a family entertainment center, shopping malls, and retail centers.


What should be the typical profile of a Funtopia franchisee?

Experience in the entertainment business is recommended but not mandatory. As Funtopia is in the service sector, you should be a person with a positive attitude towards young people. Funtopia is a versatile concept where you are directly rewarded for your creativity. The more unique and fun your Funtopia venue is, the more it will earn.

What are the benefits & support that Funtopia would bring to Franchisee?

As Funtopia is a globally recognized brand, the franchisee has a great chance to succeed as he can see his revenue growing right from the soft opening. The franchisee can get pre-opening support in terms of the business plan, design and construction, facility management, operational training, technical and maintenance services. The post-opening support includes sales & marketing support, event management, customer care, budgeting & planning etc. Also, the franchisee can get ongoing support like coaching & training, annual meetings, new products and services development etc.

How to apply for a Funtopia franchise in USA?

If you are inspired and wants to become a franchisee of Funtopia, you can do so by visiting the official website at and fill out the franchise application form online. As soon as they receive your application, the evaluation will be done and if you are considered, you will be contacted by the business development team who will guide you through the process and thereby you can let the fun begin by becoming a Funtopia franchisee.


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