Papa John's Franchise in USA: Starting costs, requirements & ROI

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Papa Johns Pizza Franchise LogoWant to join one of America's fast growing restaurant franchise chains with relatively low investments? Consider Papa John's Pizza, the #1 pizzeria in customer satisfaction as per ACSI 2012. Read on to know how to open a Papa John's franchise in USA, requirements, costs, return on investments for Papa John's, franchise fees, application process and all other details.

Why prefer Papa John's to other pizza franchises of the United States?

Before opening Papa John's franchise restaurant, US entrepreneurs should ask themselves a question. There are lots of quality food franchises in United States, including some great pizzeterias. Why choose Papa John's, then?

Well, the answer is, none other is the Number One among all limited service restaurants(Source: ACSI 2012 - The American Customer Satisfaction Index). In 2012 Harris Poll, it was the #1 pizza brand of United States for the year, with industry leading customer sales to investment ratio per restaurant. As per GE capital, it is one of the top 5 fastest growing restaurant chains of America. And, the investment is relatively low. The start up cost for a Papa John's franchise restaurant is less than $200,000. There are lots of other good reasons to join one of the best franchise businesses of USA, with excellent profit potential.

Staring Papa John's Franchise in US: Requirements & qualifications

To open a Papa John's Franchise in US, you must have a minimum of $50,000 in cash or liquid assets, and a minimum net worth of $150,000. You should also be able to get financing up to $220,000. Business professionals experienced in management or retail are preferred. Please keep reading for more details!

Papa John's Franchise (USA) Investments: Costs, fees, and returns

The investment for Papa John's franchise in USA will vary according to the locations, and the size of the unit franchisee. For an average unit of Papa John's franchise, area requirements usually vary between 1200 to 1400 square feet.
Papa John: Founder of Papa John	s Pizza
Located in a strip centre, this will cost you approximately $220,000. You are requested to browse the Franchise Disclosure Document for a detailed estimate of cost of starting Papa John's franchise. Investments can also significantly come down with incentive programs running from time to time. Papa John's franchise fees in USA is usually $25,000 per unit; however this can be eliminated or reduced by incentive programs.

The running costs of Papa John's franchise includes a royalty fee which is 5% of net sales and has to be paid per month. Incentive programs may reduce this as well. Also, as per the Papa John's franchise agreements or terms of service, a minimum of 7% of the net monthly sales must be expended for marketing purposes including the national fund, co-op and local market initiatives. As per minimum financial requirements for Papa John's franchise, the franchisee should have a net worth of $150,000. The details of profit ratio or return on investments are not disclosed publicly, but it has a leading record of customer sales to investment ratio per restaurant.

How to apply for Papa John's Pizza franchise in United States?

  • First, you have to submit a request for the consideration of Papa John's Pizza. Apply now.
  • The franchise representative will call you back.
  • Upon confirmation you will be required to submit some additional information including a brief résumé, financial statements and business plans.
  • You will be called for operational interview.
  • Upon clearing the above stage, you will be invited for a guest visit at the Corporate Headquarters.
  • The franchise review board will consider and approve your appeal for the final stage.
  • Business development agreement and franchising process will now be executed.

Papa John's Franchise USA: Email address & contact numbers

For any queries or additional information regarding opening Papa John's franchise in USA, you are requested to contact them by email at


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