Starting Cream & Fudge Franchise in USA: Costs, investments, ROI

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Do you want to open a Cream & Fudge franchise? In the United States, franchise businesses are booming year by year. Why fall back? Learn how to start Cream & Fudge franchise, investment requirements or costs, ROI or profit, how to apply for Cream & Fudge dealership (franchise process) and more.

Why open a Cream & Fudge ice cream franchise?

Cream & Fudge, one of the largest ice cream vendors of the United States, and is one of the best ice cream franchises of America. As the official website of Cream & Fudge declares:

Inspired by Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," founder, Fred Mouawad, dreamt of creating a brand that would provide the ultimate indulgence around the creamiest ice cream on earth.

Along with Coffee World, Pizza Corner, The Donut Baker, New York 5th Av. Deli and Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen, Cream & Fudge takes pride in being a part of one of America's largest franchise brands: Global Franchise Architects (GFA). Don't you want to be a part of this ever growing network?

Cream & Fudge Franchise USA: Investment requirements, fees structure

For Cream and Fudge franchise, investments are a bit high but they very much worthy of the returns. Franchise Fees for Cream and Fudge in the United States is $25,000 per store. Put aside $30,000 per store for eqquipments. The cost of Cream & Fudge franchise construction, furniture and fixtures will take $40,000 to $75,000 depending on size of store. Thus, the net investment for opening Cream & Fudge in USA will be $85,000 to $120,000.

Cream & Fudge Franchise Fees

The franchise fee is a one time payment made by the franchisee when the franchise is granted. The initial franchise fee covers the cost of approving a location, designing the store, supporting with supply chain management and import requirements, and training the management of the franchisee.

Cream & Fudge Royalty Fees

The Royalty fees for Cream & Fudge franchise is a percentage of net monthly sales which the franchisee has to pay on a monthly basis throughout the tenure of the agreement. Current fees for Cream & Fudge franchise royalty is 6% of net monthly sales.

Cream & Fudge desserts franchise Marketing Fees

as Cream & Fudge takes care of advertising the franchising system, it takes some marketing fees for this purpose. Under a Master Franchise agreement the Franchisee is responsible for managing the national advertising fund. At present, the marketing fees of Cream and Fudge franchise is 2% of net sales for National Marketing and 2% for local store marketing.

Cream & Fudge Franchise: Support, training programs, professional helps

As soon as you sign the Cream & Fudge Franchise contract, you will start receiving continuous professional help from the authorities. Cream & Fudge franchise supports include: Market Study, Site Evaluation, Store Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Onsite Training and Opening assistance, Marketing Support, Vendor Development, Research and Development as well as Finance Training.

How to Download Cream & Fudge Franchise application form

You can download franchise form of Cream and Fudge from


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