Starting a Servpro Franchise: Costs, fees, area requirements in USA

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Logo of Servpro, franchise based cleaning companyWant to open a Servpro franchise? Costs will be high no doubt; but if you do love cleaning up things and can afford the start-up costs for Servpro franchise, it should be a good bet. From the Entrepreneur to the Wall Street Journal, Servpro has been recognized time and again as one of the best franchise business opportunities in the United States. A professional cleaning company that helps people clean up messes from natural and personal hazards, Servpro has nearly 1700 units in the United States, and is looking for more franchise partners. Learn more about Servpro franchise investments and area requirements, details of start-up costs like Servpro franchise fee and royalty, application process, contact details, and so on. Keep reading!

Before opening your Servpro franchise, take a quick look!

  • Servpro Industries, Inc., helps cleaning up and restoring things after personal and natural calamities like fire and water hazards.
  • Servpro was founded in 1967 by Ted and Doris Isaacson as a painting business, in California. Later, they changed into a cleaning and restoration company. In 1988, Servpro moved to Gallatin, Tennessee, from where it is headquartered till now.
  • The current CEO of Servpro Industries is Susan Steen.
  • One of the biggest service industry franchise business chains in America, operating nearly at 1700 locations.


Why start a Servpro franchise cleanup business in the United States?

Did you know who cleaned up the Pentagon after the catastrophic 9/11? Or, an entire school district when Katrina devastated the Mississippi? It is Servpro, which has traveled long since its humble beginning in 1967 as a painting business on its way to becoming a nationwide brand and acquiring pan-American recognition. As early as in 1991, The Nashville Business Journal recognized Servpro as the Small Business of the Year. As the new millennium set in, they sold their 1000th franchise. in 2004, they topped the Entrepreneur magazine's list of cleanup and restoration franchise brands in USA. Since then, it has almost always been featured in the list of top ten American franchises published by the Entrepreneur every year. It was also ranked 9 by Dunn & Bradstreet (2011), 7 by CNN Money (2011), and 5 by Forbes in 2012. Since 2012, the Entrepreneur ranked Servpro constantly as the topper in the Restoration Services category. If you are interested in opening a service industry franchise in USA, do you need more reasons to consider Servpro?

Initial investments for Servpro Franchise: Costs, royalty, franchise fee

Now let us talk about Servpro franchise start-up costs in the United States. The official website does not disclose anything about Servpro franchise initial investment cost. In, the new franchise fee for Servpro is mentioned as approximately $40,000. Apart from that, aspirants should have liquid asset worth $60,000 and net worth $100,000. Nevertheless, the information seems a little outdated, as Entrepreneur in the 2015 top 500 franchise list has asked for a little more. According to the noted magazine, the initial fee for a Servpro franchise is $44,000; and the ongoing royalty is 3 to 10 percent. The franchise fee may be discounted for additional units. The total investment for ranges from $141,550 to $191,200. So, in general we may say that if you a minimum investment of $150,000 should suffice for opening a Servpro franchise.


Financial requirements for Servpro franchise: Are you eligible?

The eligibility criteria of becoming a Servpro franchisee in the United States is that you must have liquid assets worth $85,000 (in bank accounts, CDs, money market instruments, and so on) alongside a net worth of $100,000. Approximately 5 to 10 employees will be required to run your business. Please note that absentee ownership is not allowed. In other words, taking up Servpro franchise requires you to become a full-time owner or operator.

Servpro franchise discount offers for veterans

Probably, Servpro has no veteran discount or incentive at this moment. We will update this information if we come to know about any.

Servpro franchise training and support program

Servpro offers various training and support program for their franchisees including pre-commencement training, ongoing support, marketing support and so on. Here is a brief synopsis. For more details about Servpro franchise support models, please consult their FDD or call them at the phone number mentioned below.

Franchisee training

This is done at the company headquarters for two and a half weeks, and at the franchisee's place for one week. Servpro also offer business development program to support you before your opening.

Ongoing Support

The ongoing support for Servpro franchisees include newsletters, meetings, toll-free phone line and internet, security and safety procedures, field operations and evaluations etc.

Marketing Support

Servpro will support you regarding marketing as well. You will be benefited from their co-op advertising, ad slicks, as well as advertising at the national media and on regional levels.

How to apply for a Servpro franchise in the United States?

Well, the first step of the Servpro franchise application process is to know more about them. Request more information and get the Franchise Disclosure Document by visiting the official website. To fill in the Servpro franchise application form, go to www [dot] servpro [dot] com [slash] contact [slash] requestfranchiseinfo and submit your details. Their Franchise Expansion Division will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you may call them at the contact number given below.

Enquire about Servpro franchise opportunities: Phone number, email address

If you want to know more about Servpro franchise opportunities in the United States, talk to a Franchise Expansion Manager for your area of the country. Call Servpro franchise toll-free number 1-800-826-9586 and ask whatever queries you have about becoming a Servpro franchisee in USA.

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