Baskin Robbins franchise in USA: Investment costs, royalty fee, ROI, contact details

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Logo of Baskin Robbins, franchise based ice cream and desserts brandStarting a Baskin Robbins franchise? In the United States, the ice-cream giant was ranked by the Entrepreneur last year as one of the top ten franchise opportunities in America. The noted magazine has also ranked Baskin Robbins as the best ice-cream and frozen dessert brand in the United States. Find out how to open a Baskin Robbins franchise in America, what are the initial start-up costs to open a Baskin Robbins store like franchise fee and royalty, various requirements, how to apply, and more. Keep reading!

Before we have a detailed discussion of the scope of Baskin Robbins franchise in USA, investments and area requirements, training and support program and others, let us take a quick look at the company profile.

Baskin Robbins at a glance

  • Baskin Robbins is an American ice cream and frozen dessert franchise chain, operating worldwide. Outside the United States, the company has almost 7,300 store locations in over 50 countries.
  • Founded by Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins in 1945 in Glendale, California, United States.
  • Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts.
  • Overall, Baskin Robbins caters to 300 million customers, year after year, and the number will continue to grow in future as the company keep expanding its business through the franchising route.

Baskin Robbins: History of growth and development

First store of Baskin Robbins: Snowbird Ice Cream, Glendale, California.In the 1940s, Irvine Robbins worked in his father's ice-cream store, while Burton Baskin served as a lieutenant in the US Navy. After the Second World War, following the advice of Irvine's father, the two brothers-in-law started their separate ventures. In 1945, Irvine started Snowbird Ice Cream in Glendale, California. Next year, Burton started Burton's Ice Cream Shop in Pasadena, CA. By 1949, they had more than 40 stores across Southern California, and bought their first dairy in Burbank. The two entrepreneurs continued with their separate business until 1953 when a local advertising agency, Carson/Roberts, suggested that they should do business together under one brand name. The merger gave birth to Baskin-Robbins 31® Ice Cream.

Baskin and Robbins recognised that to run their numerous stores effectively, the manager of each outlet would require to have an ownership interest in the overall business. Thus, quite unknowing, the two brothers-in-law gave birth to the first ice cream and frozen dessert franchise of the United States; even today, Baskin Robbins continues to follow the same franchise model. All of their outlets are franchised, with each Baskin Robbins franchisee holding a stake in the success of the overall business. They go with a small-business approach with focus on localized neighborhood demands, while product development and merchandising are operated from the headquarters.

Why open a Baksin Robbins franchise ice-cream parlour in America?

Since the inception in 1945, Baskin Robbins caters over 1,300 flavors to nearly 300 million customers, in nearly 7,300 stores across the world. The Entrepreneur ranked it among America's Top 10 Global Franchises in 2014. Not just the leader of the frozen foods franchise market in the United States, Baskin Robbins is also the largest chain of ice cream parlours on our planet. Coming to a little bit of statistics, the gross amount of money from ice-cream sales in the United States is $5.89bn. The per capita consumptions for frozen dairy products, ice creams, and frozen yogurts in USA are 21.9 lb, 12.8 lb, and 1.4 lb respectively. Do you still need more reasons to start a Baskin Robbins franchise ice cream parlour in USA?

Baskin Robbins franchise in USA: Financial requirements & eligibility criteria

In order to become a Baskin Robbins franchisee, you must have a love for ice creams, and a passion for your community. Besides, the eligibility criteria to become a Baskin Robbins franchisee is that you must have a proper understanding of brand-building within the community. Possessing a drive for local store marketing coupled with the desire and abilities to develop Baskin Robbin franchise store(s) is essential. You must also be able to build a team of performers who will be dedicated to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Let us now talk about the financial requirements of opening a Baskin Robbins franchise. To start a new store from scratch, you must have a total net worth of $250,000, and a verifiable liquid assets of $100,000. To purchase an already existing Baskin Robbins franchise store, you must be able to make a minimum down payment of ten percent of the purchase price. Additionally, you should have verifiable liquid assets of 30 percent of total selling price, as well as the costs for remodelling that might be required in the next two years.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Investments: Initial start-up cost, royalty, franchise fee

The initial investment for a typical Baskin Robbins franchise store in the United States will vary between $90,350 and $396,100. So in general, if you have $100,000 to invest in business, you may consider opening a Baskin Robbins franchise. Royalty fee is 5.9 percent. Usually, the franchise term is for twenty years, for which you have to pay an initial franchise fee of 25 thousand US dollars.

Baskin Robbins franchise for US veterans: Waiver of franchise fee, reduced royalty

Baskin Robbins is registered under the IFA VetFran program, and offers various benefits for American citizens who have been honorably discharged from the military services. Along with a complete waiver of the initial franchise fee worth $25,000, Baskin Robbins veteran franchise discount program offers 20 percent off each 20 year IFF and a 10-year payment plan on up to four additional restaurants for the eligible franchisees. Wait, there is more! What makes Baskin Robbins an even more lucrative veteran-friendly franchise business is their reduced royalty for the first five years. You have to pay absolutely no royalty for the first two years, 1.9 percent for the third year, and 2.9 percent for the fourth and fifth year. From the sixth year onwards, the standard royalty rate of 5.9 percent will apply. For more details of Baskin Robbins franchise investment costs in the United States, as well as Baskin Robbins franchise financing options, please refer to their franchise disclosure document (FDD).

Profit, revenue potential, expected ROI for Baskin Robbins franchisee in USA

It is almost impossible to predict an estimated revenue profit potential of a Baskin Robbins franchise store: there are so many factors that contribute to it. Your return on investment (ROI) from a Baskin Robbins store in USA will depend on factors like sales, locations, operating costs, rent, terms of financing, your management abilities and so on. Nevertheless, if you still want an estimation of Baskin Robbins franchise profit potential, it is better to discuss with the existing franchisees who are already running their businesses.

Baskin Robbins franchise training and support programs in the United States

As a Baskin Robbins franchisee in the United States, you will be benefited from the national TV commercials that are quite effective. Their in-shop merchandising is quite appealing, whereas the integrated online and social media techniques will greatly help you promote your store. Overall, as a Baskin Robbins franchisee, you will get strong public relations support both at the local and the national levels. The comprehensive local store marketing support for Baskin Robbins franchisees include with the Dunkin' Donuts, yet another Dunkin brand, as well as Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation.

Aspiring franchisees go through a four-week Baskin Robbins franchise training program in their headquarters at Burbank, California. The overall support team includes franchising, development and construction experts, operational support professionals, training managers, and field marketing managers.

How to apply for a Baskin Robbins franchise in USA?

If you meet the eligibility criteria discussed above, it is time for you to start the Baskin Robbins franchise application process. If you have what is required to open a Baskin Robbins franchise in the United States, visit franchisinginformation [dot] dunkinbrands [dot] com [slash] ?Cntry=US&Brand=BR [dot] html

Available Baskin Robbins franchise stores for sale in the United States

Do you want to buy an existing Baskin Robbins store in USA? There are several Baskin Robbin ice cream parlours for sale across the country. Here we have given a complete list of locations where you can buy Baskin Robbins store for sale. For further details, visit the official website.

  • Arizona (AZ): Peoria.
  • California (CA): Bakersfield, Citrus Heights, Diamond Heights, La Habra, Modesto, Oceanside, San Diego, Sebastopol, Sonora, Stockton, West Hills.
  • Colorado (CO): Aurora, Durango.
  • Florida (FL): Hollywood.
  • Hawaii (HI): Kailua Kona.
  • Illinois (IL): Algonquin, Buffalo Grove, Carol Stream, Evergreen Park, Waukegan, West Dundee.
  • Indiana (IN): Indianapolis, Terre Haute.
  • Maryland (MD): Lutherville.
  • Michigan (MI): Ann Arbor, Clinton Township, Oak Park, Plymouth, Port Huron, Troy, Warren.
  • Missouri (MO): Lees Summit.
  • North Carolina (NC): Statesville.
  • Nevada (NV): Las Vegas, Reno, Sparks.
  • New York (NY): Brooklyn.
  • Ohio (OH): Cleveland.
  • Oregon (OR): Albany, Tigard.
  • Tennessee (TN): Maddison.
  • Texas (TX): Beaumont, Lubbock, San Antonio, Waco.
  • Utah (UT): Provo, Saint George.
  • Virginia (VA): Centreville, Reston.
  • Washington (WA): Kent, Puyallup, Renton, Tacoma.
  • Wisconsin (WI): Appleton.
  • Wyoming (WY): Cheyenne.

Baskin Robbins franchise stores for sale in Canada

  • Ontario (ON): Barrie, Burlington, Kingston, London, Richmond Hill, Vaughan

Baskin Robbins franchise contact: Email ID address, mobile phone number

If you want more information on franchising, you may dial the Baskin Robbins franchise phone number at at 800-777-9983 or email Baskin Robbins franchise team in USA at

  • Official website of Baskin Robbins Franchise
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