Open Mosquito Joe: Low-investment high-return service industry franchise in USA

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Logo of Mosquito Joe, franchise service business in USALooking for a good service industry franchise in the United States? You may consider opening a Mosquito Joe franchise. In USA, the service sector is growing fast and preferring it to common franchise industries like QSR or retail may be rewarding. Learn how to start a Mosquito Joe franchise in USA, investments and area requirements, start-up cost for Mosquito Joe franchise, revenue potentials, application process, franchisee contact number and so on. Keep reading!

Why open a Mosquito Joe franchise in the United States: Profile and scope

Public health awareness in the United States is rising. With the national media warning people all the while about insect-borne diseases, there can be no better time to open a pest-control business in USA. Keep the mosquitoes in control is a priority for home and office owners alike, so you will never be short of customers. Opening a Mosquito Joe franchise will help you grow your business by catering to the market demand, while getting the necessary support from an established corporate house. Moreover, Mosquito Joe is a low-investment high-return franchise option. A service business is typically low-cost due to low area requirements, and its profits multiply because of recurring demands: people will call you to keep mosquitoes in control throughout the season, and every year. A service industry franchise also helps in building a loyal customer base that would give you assured sales as long as you do your business.

Also, Mosquito Joe is a seasonal, part-time franchise business opportunity. In the United States, most franchisers would want you to devote yourself completely to your business; not so with Mosquito Joe. It can either be a stand-alone business, or it can complement your existing business or job. Last but not the least, helping others always feel good. People will be grateful to you for making their outdoor life disease-free and more enjoyable; you are doing business and becoming a good Samaritan all at the same time! And, the mosquitoes are not going away anytime soon!

Let us now take a look at the typical start-up cost for a Mosquito Joe franchise in USA, which is way cheaper than most American franchise businesses.

Initial investments for Mosquito Joe franchise: Start-up capital, franchise fee, equipment costs

Mosquito Joe franchise costs in the United States will actually depend on several factors including local market prices. Nevertheless, a rough idea can be formed from averaging the estimations of single franchise territory owners who are already in business. Typically, the initial cost for a Mosquito Joe franchise in USA will be 78,000 US Dollars. This rough estimation of initial investment includes Mosquito Joe franchise fee of $20,000 (without discounts), vehicle cost worth $6000, expenses towards computer devices and software which will be about $4,000. Also, marketing, supplies, insurance, and forms will require an additional budget of $29,000. Apart from these, you need an additional capital for starting a Mosquito Joe franchise which is roughly $14,000. Altogether, the required budget for a Mosquito Joe franchise will be $78,000. Rounding it off, we may say that if you can afford an initial investment of $80,000, you may open a Mosquito Joe service business in USA.

Veteran-friendly Franchise: Mosquito Joe helps veterans under VetFran program of IFA

As you may already know, the International Franchise Association (IFA) runs the VetFran program to facilitate franchise business for US veterans. Under the Vetfran program, the member companies of IFA offer discounts, financial incentives, special supports, and/or other benefits to the veterans who have been honorably discharged from military services. If you are a veteran looking for franchise opportunities in USA, starting a Mosquito Joe business may be a good idea. To know more about your eligibility and the particulars of discounts and incentives you will receive, please contact Mosquito Joe. According to the Entrepreneur, they offer a $2500 discount for veterans and Community Heroes, including current or former full-time law-enforcement officers and firefighters.

At the official website, you may read the testimonial of Chris Cookman, Navy Veteran, now working at the Mosquito Joe of Macon, GA, alongside a couple more by Kurt and Melissa Godwin, Mosquito Joe of Baltimore/Annapolis, MD, and Jeff Holmes, Teacher, Mosquito Joe of the Tri-State Area (OH-KY-WV). You may also check out our list of veteran franchise opportunities in USA to find more business opportunities and do necessary comparisons as you please.

Mosquito Joe Franchise Application Process: How to go for a Mosquito Joe franchise in the United States?

Wondering how to get a Mosquito Joe franchise in your hometown in USA? At the first step of the application process, you need to fill in the Mosquito Jose franchise online application at their official website, mosquitojoefranchise [dot] com [slash] request-franchise-info [dot] html. After that, you will receive more information about Mosquito Joe from a franchise development representative. If you have questions regarding how to buy a Mosquito Joe franchise and how to find out Mosquito Joe franchise is available in your state in USA or not, now is the time to ask.

Once both the parties are interested in each other, the mutual evaluation process will begin. You will be asked to join a webinar hosted by our President and CEO, Kevin Wilson. If you feel that Mos Joe is the right franchise business option for you, your franchise development representative will give you a "Request for Consideration" form. You will go through a series of webinars on the next stage to find out more about the company profile, their vision and mission, and so on. Once you are happy, submit the Mosquito Joe franchise agreement application. You will be then invited to the Corporate Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA, for a final evaluation and decision making. Once you are approved by the corporate authorities and have paid your franchise fees, you are almost quite done. Take their operations training program to complete the process to become a Mosquito Joe franchise partner in the United States and run your own business.

Mosquito Joe franchise contact details: Phone number, email address, contact person

Want to know more about Mosquito Joe franchise? Contact telephone number 1-855-564-6563 and have a direct conversation to find out how to become a Mosquito Joe franchise in the United States. No email address of Mosquito Joe franchise has been provided.


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