Looking for top franchise business options for US veterans?

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US veteran flag holder logoLooking for Veteran Franchise Opportunities in the United States? There are lots of veteran-friendly franchise businesses in USA that you may consider: each of them offer some benefit or other for the retired US military personnel through incentive programs, discounts, waiving of franchise and royalty fees and so on. To honor people like you, men and women who have served the US military, we have handpicked some of the best franchise business opportunities here to help you transit to a civilian life. Choose the US veteran franchise option that suits you best; then click on its name to find out more about investment details, start-up costs, revenue potentials, ROI, area requirements, contact details of veteran-friendly franchises in the United States, and more!

Why another US veteran franchise directory, when there are many?

There are lots of veteran franchise initiatives in the United States already, including the VetFran® Directory of IFA, and many other US veteran franchise consultancy services. Still, we want to add one more page to the list, as we believe having a list of good franchise opportunities for US veterans in one place will always come handy. Plus, what we do not find in most places is a quick analysis to help you understand why a particular franchise business in US should be considered veteran-friendly. In other words, while most American veteran franchise listings just produce a mere list of available franchises and you have to visit their respective profile or website to find out why they are good, we are here to let you know why a particular business is considered veteran-friendly by us. Within a few lines, we have given an overview of all the veteran benefits of US franchises listed: whether a rebate in fees, lenient business terms, incentive programs — you can find it all in one place at a quick glance. Keep reading!

A list of army veteran-friendly franchises in the United States

Instead of talking much, now it is time to take you straight to our US veteran franchise directory. Please note that this is an arbitrary list, and not arranged in any order of merit, preference, or ranking. Also, if you want to check out all companies instead of just veteran-friendly ones, you may browse through our industry categories, investment ranges, area requirements, or simply take a look at our list of franchise business opportunities in USA if you want them all in one place.

7-Eleven: Franchise based retail convenience store

Logo of 7-Eleven: veteran friendly US franchiseFor the veterans, 7-Eleven waives up to 20 percent of the initial franchise fee, subject to a maximum of $50,000. Usually, for 7-Eleven, initial franchise fee is somewhere between $50,000 and $750,000. Also, if you qualify by their criteria, you may also be eligible for up to 65 percent financing through 7-Eleven. Also, what makes them stand out from the crowd is their gross profit split policy. 7-Eleven claims a part of your gross profit as royalty and not of gross sales, unlike most other companies. They make money only when you do! For more details, check out 7-Eleven franchise in USA.

Quiznos: A QSR franchise good for US veterans

Quiznos, veteran friendly franchise brand in USA The Denver-based company is arguably one of the best QSR franchises in USA. The initial franchise fee of Quiznos is ten thousand US dollars. Nevertheless, if you are a veteran (you have to produce a certificate of discharge from military duties to prove that), it will be completely waived off, thereby making Quiznos a lucrative franchise business option for retired military people. To learn more about their investment and area requirements, training and support program, and application process, please visit Quiznos: QSR franchise opportunity.


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