Quiznos Franchise Investments in USA: Start-up costs, area requirements, how to apply

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Logo of Quiznos, franchise based fast food restaurant chainWant to open a Quiznos franchise? In the United States, Quiznos has been doing business for over 30 years and has earned good reputation in the American QSR industry. Learn how to open a Quiznos franchise restaurant in America, area requirements, Quiznos franchise start-up costs, investment details, application process for Quiznos franchise and so on. Keep reading!

Nevertheless, before discussing the details of how to open a Quiznos franchise and what are the costs involved, let us take a quick look at the company profile.

About the brand Quiznos: Franchisor company profile

  • Franchise based fast food restaurant brand (QSR), operating internationally, but mostly in the United States.
  • Quiznos, the flagship brand of QIP Holder LLC, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States of America.
  • The present CEO of Quiznos is Stuart K. Mathis.
  • Founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambators in Denver.

Why open a Quiznos franchise in USA?

An internationally recognized brand, chef-inspired foods, low initial investment, and dedicated regional as well as corporate support may be some of the prime reasons behind preferring Quiznos to other food beverage QSR franchises in USA. The meats and cheese are chosen with care in Quiznos to prepare their signature dishes like the black angus or mesquite chicken. Quiznos is also a good franchise business option for low investment; thus it suits both small businesspersons as well as experienced franchisees alike to open up new channels of investment. Read on to know more about initial investments or start-up costs for Quiznos franchise in USA, along with area requirements and other details.

Investments for Quiznos franchise in USA: Start-up costs, working capital, franchise fee

Initial costs for a Quiznos franchise

For all kinds of stores - traditional locations, convenience stores, or re-open locations, the initial franchise fees for Quiznos is $10,000. Nevertheless, other start-up costs vary, thus resulting in differences between initial investments for different types of Quiznos stores. For a re-open location, it is around $60,000 to $140,000. For convenience stores, the cost will be around $100,000 to $200,000. For traditional locations, the initial cost for a Quiznos franchise in USA will be between $200,000 to $250,000. The estimation includes architectural fees, equipment and construction costs, signage, cash registers, phones and computers, business licenses, training expenses, opening advertising, starting inventory for your Quiznos franchise, as well as funds to cover the expenses incurred in the first three months of business. Thus, if you can invest 200,000 USD, Quiznos is a good franchise option. Please note that all figures are approximated and may vary significantly depending on your location.

Quiznos franchisee financing options

Quiznos does not offer any financing options to its franchisees. A bank loan, small business loan, or other traditional debts may be considered.

Royalty fee for a Quiznos franchisee in USA

You have to electronically transfer 7 percent of your gross sales every week as the Quiznos franchise royalty fee. For more details, refer to their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Quiznos waives franchisee fee for US veterans

If you are a veteran and can produce a certificate of discharge from military duties, you will qualify for a waiver of the initial franchise fee. This makes opening a Quiznos restaurant a good franchise business option for US veterans.

Area Requirements for Quiznos Franchise in USA: How much space do you need?

Having discussed the investment parts, let us see how much area is required to open a Quiznos franchise in the United States. Typically, traditional restaurants measure between 1200 to 1600 square feet. On the downside, 1000 square feet is a minimum requirement. The store is not bigger than 1800 sq. ft. usually. For convenience stores, the average size is 800-900 square feet. So if you have 1000 square feet area or bigger, go for a traditional store. If your space is 800 to 1000 square feet, open a convenience store.

Quiznos Franchisee Training Program: Learn to run a Quiznos

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced campaigner in the food and QSR industry, you have to undergo thorough franchisee training from Quiznos: they call it Quiznos University. Once you have a franchise agreement with Quiznos, you must take a self-paced online class that roughly runs for 30 hours. In the next level, you have to undergo training in one of your local Quiznos restaurants (already existing) for three months: the already approved franchise owner will be your guide and instructor. Finally, you have to take one week of initial education at the "Quiznos University", Denver, that will end your training program to teach you how to open a Quiznos franchise restaurant in USA.

Franchisee support from Quiznos

Quiznos will help you with various supports both during the commencement of your outlet, and after it. As you open your restaurant, you will receive a marketing kit, including promotional merchandise: banners, balloons, business cards, invitation cards for the opening ceremony, menu cards, coupons, door hangers, a fishbowl for collecting business cards, and so on.

While running your business in full scale, you will continue to receive support from Quiznos through in-restaurant product training, coaching on marketing techniques, and regional meetings. A phone-in help line to the Quiznos Franchise Support Center from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Quiznos Franchise Application Process: How and where to start?

So, how to apply for a Quiznos franchise in USA? The process may be largely divided into five steps. In the Initial Application stage, you have to submit Quiznos franchise application online, and furnish your proof of citizenship. You have to provide your resume, and return the FDD after duly reading and signing it. Then, there will be a Financial Review. You have to produce the proof of cash, and undergo a credit check. Next comes Interview Evaluation where you have to speak to a Franchise Development Manager who will evaluate your skills. Then follows Application Approval. Quiznos will review your business plan. You have to sign the franchise agreement, and then your site will be reviewed. Upon the approval of the site, it is time for a Grand Opening. Complete your franchisee training at the Quiznos University, finalize space, sign the lease, begin the construction of your store, and await the gala opening!

Quiznos USA Franchise Contact Details: Phone number, email address

If you have general questions about franchising, you may ask it in the Contact Us page of the official website of Quiznos franchise at www [dot] ownaquiznos [dot] com [slash] contact-us. If you want to talk to Quiznos, the phone number is 720-359-3300.


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